Help for the Fussy Homeowner

Is it just me that finds it impossible to choose furniture and accessories for their house?!

I didn’t realise how much I hated everything until it came to having to choose items for my own home! Firstly I really struggled to find tiles I liked for the bathroom until we found the gorgeous Infinity Ivory ones from Wickes – thank goodness we found them when we did or I don’t know what would have happened although I fear it would have resulted in us being without a functioning bathroom for even longer than the 2 months it has taken to redo it.

…. And now I’m having the exact same problem choosing the towels. I have been to John Lewis, Debenhams, Dunelm and Primark countless times (to name but a few!) and there is just nothing I like. At the weekend I decided to just go for it and get some bright pink ones from Primark to brighten up my otherwise neutral bathroom colour scheme but now I’m having regrets.

Does anyone else have the same problem when it comes to choosing things? Do you have any tips that help stop being so indecisive? With 4 rooms left to go any ideas would be gratefully received!




Our first house

After 3 years of saving, we have finally done it and got the keys to our first home!

It feels so strange to actually be responsible for a whole house and my life admin has tripled overnight by having to arrange meter readings and sort council tax bills to name just a few of my new tasks but it will all be so worth it in the end once we have our perfect little house.

We are doing quite a lot of work to the house ourselves before we properly move in including decorating the bedroom and living room and installing a new bathroom, but as we are both still living at home with our parents we are lucky to only have to live in a building site at the weekends!

Wish us luck – Think we’re going to need it!